The amazing journey

Rain thudded heavily on the window as,Stella stared out and said “Ed what do you think it’s like in the sky ship?”  But Ed didn’t answer.  So they finished packing and went to bed.The next day Ed and Stella grabbed their suitcases and went down the longest street in Skyland City.

To their surprise the sky ship was quite small and on the front of it it had in big bold writing MARINA.  Ed saw  Captain crooked claw who said with gritted teeth “Ello me ‘armies  welcome to me sky ship.”
Ed replied with excitement “Where do we put our bags .”

But all Captain crooked claw said was “Get on the sky ship.” So they got on the sky ship.

As they got further the weather changed from sunny to brutal thunder, loud like the sound of guns. While Stella and Ed went down the flight of stairs they bumped into a girl that showed them to the Captains quarters.They went through  the door and Captain crooked claw told them “We’re venturing to the Deadly dragons den .”

Ed then answered “That’s easy.  It’s only two days away isn’t it?”
The Captain frowned.

3 Responses to “The amazing journey”

  1. Good job Ella

  2. I like when you said with gritted teeth because it really helps describe how they talked. Where did you get the ideas for the story from? Maybe you could say what street they went down.

  3. Thank’s

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