The Tye-Fighter terrifics

The Tyefighter Terrifics  


Jamal and Sharron left home a few weeks ago, but, luckily, Sharon is smart. So she made a skyship called a tyefighter; which is just a big skyship.


Out of nowhere Sky Goblins, which are as big as a skyscraper, raised up from the Mountains and they looked hungry. Sharon hit the pedals as hard as she could and they escaped… for now.


It was silent Sharron and Jamal were having some chippy d they were talking about how they escaped the Sky Goblins were gone, but, they came back and they looked angry so Sharron used her emergency boost package which helped them to get away for now.


Hours later, they arrived home their friends asked “where have you been, dude?” Jamal said “oh just OH MY GOD!” what is it Jamal “omg, it’s a Sky Goblin they followed me RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!”

And they were never seen again.

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  1. Absolutely Amazing, I love it!

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