Visit the famous Grand Nautilus Hotel

This summer are you wishing for a relaxing week away from the kids?.Are you looking for a warm,cozy place to sleep?Well why not visit our 5 star hotel that has free swimming lessons for any age.If you like a warm snuggly bath then this is the place for you.


At the glorious Grand we offer:

  • A 5 star spa 
  • Luxury bedrooms and free wifi
  • Complimentary bucket and spade lessons 


For a week of peace and pink sunsets, book now you will not regret booking. Book now we are running out of tickets. We soon snapped up. As the  coronavirus has stopped.

Don’t miss out on a famous fabulous sale this weekend 10% discount on every ticket so buy your ticket now.

Don’t forget:

*free massages for all the family especially grandads old rusty back.

*free jet ski lessons 

*free butler and cinema

Last year Mr Beart came and he said he would ‘live here if he could.’ He only came for 1 week. He said he ‘had a blast as the massage gun was massaging him and his wife.’

Click on the website for more information 

WWW.Visit the Grand famous Nautilus Hotel

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