Welcome and be served by the Grand Nautilus Hotel

In this snowy winter, are you wishing to have a cosy holiday? Are you getting sick of your kids telling you “I’m bored, I’m bored?” Do you want to spoil yourself with a relaxing pamper? Alright then, SPEND ALL YOUR MONEY and discover many places like our fashioned style bed covers including  fresh and warm towels with products like face masks, lotion and lots more!We positioned our Grand Hotel OPPOSITE the Blackpool beach with lots of exciting things to do!

At our 5 star hotel were pleased to offer:

  • Fine food experience
  • Private spa rooms
  • A fresh warm hot tub and indoor swimming pool
  • A open 24 hour Lost-and-found

Calmness and silence for a week;why don’t you book a room now before we get busy.We are mostly expecting lots of people booking this year due to covid.

Treat yourself now with a 30% discount, children under 8 can go for free. To decide if you want to come, we would like you to see our:

  • A family playground for the ages 0+
  • Mother and Farther dinner date
  • Fancy libraries

We also provide a 59p snack bar, anything you like we got it; treat yourself by going into our shopping malls, which even has a movie theatre. 

Take a seat without regretting it. Last month Mr Pie Corbett came with his family and gave us 5 stars and said “This is the best holiday ever, I want to come back next month.”

Visit the website at www.https.BeservedandattheGrandNatulisHotel – Relax in peace!


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