Welcome to the Grand Nautilus hotel

This summer are you looking for a moderate holiday? Do you want all your problems to be gone? Do you need a rest?If you think you deserve this humble holiday why not visit the Grand Nautilus Hotel.This is located a mile away from the Gold Syrup Park.We provide the best of meals and  children under the age of 12 get to go free! To celebrate the opening  of our hotel we also have a 50 percent discount on tickets for adults.

Here at the  Grand Nautilus Hotel we offer:


  • Free surfing and swimming and make your own sandcastles lessons for free
  • Luxury king sized bed with a tv fitted on
  • Free wifi
  • Free things in the tuck shops
  • A relaxing spa

We provide the most amazing experiences for people with  shops that have almost everything for free.This contains relaxing at the spa while staff entertain your children,relaxing at the beach while the sun sets (it gives an amazing view),luxurious bedrooms and free activities plus amazing food in the food court.

Treat yourself to a relaxing holiday without having to worry about anything, with all your problems gone, and no more hearing your children moaning down your ears.

We offer 50 percent off tickets plus children under the age of 12 can go free! We guarantee you7 pound per ticket is an amazing offer because we have been offering the best we can. This contains having fun with your family for  such a little amount.

When Amelia Buchart came she said “Wow! This is the most amazing Hotel i have been to!If i could stay here for the rest of my life i would!”

If you would like to book a ticket come now and visit for a relaxing week.Come and rest it’s the best! 

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