Welcome to the Grand Nautilus Hotel!

This summer are you hoping for a relaxing holiday? Are you trying to find the perfect hotel where you can relax by the sea? If you deserve a week off why don’t you come stay with us at the ‘Grand Nautilus Hotel’? We have a gorgeous swimming pool where you can go and swim anytime you want. Our finest rooms have a lovely view of the sandy beach and we also offer free swimming and surfing lessons.

At the Grand, we are pleased to offer:

  • Luxurious bedrooms with unlimited wifi.
  • Daily use of our hot tub and spa.
  • Limited room service.

This hotel is tailor-made for you. We give you the best experiences you will ever have in your life. Our hotel is in the opposite direction of Neverbelieve island. As soon as you get into our bed covers you can’t get out and we give you limited food to go and eat when you feel like it. 

Don’t miss out on our early booking with a 50% discount! And guess what anybody under eighteen can go free!

To give you a relaxing holiday we are pleased to offer:

  • Our lovely family room.
  • Supervised babysitters.
  • A customised robe just for you.

I’m telling you, come and visit! Last year Mrs Alexandra brought her kids and when she left she gave a five star review and said “I’ll be coming back soon, this is the best holiday I’ve ever had” Don’t forget:

  • Daily use of our hot tub and spa.
  • Limited room service.
  • Under eighteen free.

Visit our website for more details grandnautilushotel- take a break- have some fun- relax.

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