Benjamin SWW Malamander

Last night, I walked the beach of Sea Palling then the most weird thing happened. I was taking my Border Collie for run. The waves rolled up the sandy waterfront a few gulls flew overhead. Thunder rolled over the sea wall I put my thick coat on and hat to try and keep warm. Meg the Border Collie ran to the sea line she jumped in and out the sea. I on the other hand, I plodded towards the first groyne. Then I smalt something like fish and chips, rotten fish and chips. I called Meg but she didn’t here me. I knew I was going to be eaten I ran back to the sea wall. The thing lifted its head reveling its red eyes. I screamed for Meg she came back spotting the monster and hid behind me. Slowly, it reveled its green and brow body eight tentacles appeared with spikes on the end. It scrambled up the beach towards me. It paused. It swung around its tail scraping my leg. When it got to the sea it plummeted to the bottom. I ran to the boat slope not looking behind then I climbed it to the top. I put Megs lead on. Did I just witness of the legendry myth of the spike head monster?

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