Day at the forbidden beach. By Ava

Yesterday morning at about 10:00 me and by best friends Harley and Freddie went out onto the ‘forbidden beach’. We wore our rain coats and held huge umbrellas above our heads. My nose and cheeks were red. The weather wasn’t a surprise for us. Soggy chips ran across the slippery sand whilst sea gulls fought over them.

I stayed back on the beach whilst Harley and Freddie ran to get fish and chips. Quickly, they ran up the concrete steps and onto the promenade trying not to slip. I went over to the steps to change my welly boots to crocks so I could dip my feet into the water. As I got closer to the water cold waves brushed against my feet. I pulled my coat closer to my chest. When me and my family went on holiday abroad I would never step foot into the sea, I was just to scared. Only because I was scared of fish, sharks and other weird creatures. Luckily, in this sea there wasn’t anything like that in our sea, well… that’s what I thought.

It began to get dark now. Harley and Freddie still weren’t back. I was worried. Maybe it was busy or maybe something bad happened. Recently, a creature was discovered and appears to be dangerous. Its called the Gargantis. Mum says its just a tale. But I’m not sure. I started to feel sick. I thought that it was because of what I was thinking about but no it wasn’t. It was the horrid smell of the fish of chips from Sammy’s Chip Shop. Seagulls Fish and chip shop was the best and it smelt fantastic. Something else caught my eye. A scream from a little further away from me on the beach.

I stared into the distance to were I heard the scream. I saw a familiar face. Mrs Fossil. Harley and Freddie called me from the fish and chip shop. I could hear their voices clearly I just needed to check on Mrs Fossil. Mrs Fossil was used to the beach so I was confused. I walked closer to were she was standing and paused for a second. Something was in the ocean and swimming close to the sore. I was huge and scaly. Maybe even a metre or 2. What was it? Slowly, it lunged out from the water. I saw a glimpse of ruby red eyes. It was staring right into Mrs Fossils eyes.

Its long arms reached out for Mrs Fossil. NO! I thought. The creature held Mrs Fossil. It opened its jaws and exposed all of its sharp daggers. It was hungry. Suddenly, Mrs Fossils head was in its mouth. The creature slid back into the water with Mrs Fossil in its jaws. Is this what mum was telling me about. Is this why the beach is now forbidden?
“ its cant be the Gargantis.” I said out loud.
I ran.

One Response to “Day at the forbidden beach. By Ava”

  1. Why did you use “No no it’s not it can’t be the Gardantis.” I love your work.

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