Dear Diary…

Dear Diary,

I saw shark fins peering up the shallow water,the creature had a thorn crown sat on its head.I trembled with fear when I saw the razor toothed fangs and the snow,white scales.I walked away in hope and  wouldn’t follow me…It growled at me and my dog.

I heard fins swaying in the water, my dog was uncontrollably barking at the mysterious animal.The eyes were a Bluey green and they flickered in the night was like a torch that shon in my eyes.

The feelings I felt was something I never thought I’d experience.Each claw grazed my ankle, one was blunt the rest were sharper.My ankle began to bleed and it really hurt when I put pressure on it.What is really that bad?

I could smell the bitter sea salt that made my nose bleed.I looked over my shoulder and saw Yoko (the dog) eating a piece of fresh fish.As I got closer the sea the stench faded,but when I walked closer to the fish and chips shop the smell got stronger.Yoko ran away all the way home because it smelt that bad.

As I began to walk I felt a bit…dizzy and before I knew it I was lead there,on the sandy beach not knowing what had just hit me.Was it the Malamander …was the myth true?

I still feel dizzy and I’m scared if I go back something bad will happen.I will go back prepared tomorrow and let’s just go with the flow.

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