Dear Diary, Olivia SWW

Dear Diary,
Last night, something extraordinary happened. I happened to be walking Pickle when the sea went calm no rushing waves on surfing type waves just calm rippling water over the small pebbles. The rocks had lot’s of limpets clinging to their home base and not coming off.

I called my pup and her fur was pointed out. As she came back the wind was a comb to her. She stopped and her tail was very cold and straight. She had a limpet in her mouth. Her deep blue eyes were in puppy eye motion.

I wiped round. The fog was closing in and fast and Pickle took one step back and her tail hit the fog and it stepped in closer. What? Who? Could it be…? Suddenly, it happened. It caught us. We tugged and bight we shouted let us go. He held us tighter and tighter he saw my dog and dropped us. All of a sudden, we hit the rocks. At that moment I heard the Ambulance sirens then went black…

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