Diary Entry 14/2/22 by finlay

Diary entry 14/2/22

Yesterday evening, the best thing happened to me. I was taking my dogs Reggie and Lola for a walk in the park. The children were packing their things ready to go home and a few birds were flying overhead.  It was so cold me and my dogs had our coats on I also had my coat. Reggie and Lola also their little boots on!

They wanted to explore the fields and spent a lot of time digging in the corner. While they were playing on the grass I threw the ball so the could fetch it and bring it back to me.

By now, it was getting dark and the sun was flying away from me. The wind had picked up and I sat on the bench waiting for my dogs to finish playing. I caught the scent of something, something foul it smelt like rotten vegetables coming from the other side of the park.

I sat still and called Reggie and Lola to me. They ignored as usual. Then it happened. A shadow emerged from where the stench was. It had beady red eyes glaring at me.

I could just make out 4 arms and 2 legs and 3 sharp spikes on its back. Whatever it was came out of the shadows and paused. A few scales sparkled in the distance. I stood up and it opened its mouth with sharp spikes inside.

Reggie and Lola rushes to my side and barked over and over. Moments later the weird creature stepped back into the shadows. I ran home with the dogs not daring to look back. Had I just seen a Jalamander? Where the old legends really true?

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