Diary Entry By Ayla!

Dear Diary,Yesterday morning, I was walking along the path with the daffodils covering my shoes just above the beach.I was on a family walk collecting shells and rocks for a project that me and my sister needed to do for school for our art lesson. We packed a hat as it was cold, thick coats and scarfs.

The waves started to crash on the shore. Our dog sky started to leap up and down so we walked onto the pier and looked over to see if there was actually anything. We walked slowly just in case it startled any of us! We walked to the end of the pier. It was a … But unfortunately I can’t tell you that yet! 

It was just starting to become bright, the sun coming out from behind the clouds,and we saw the creature. It was weird so we left the beach and will return tomorrow morning!


                                         The next day … 


It was the next day. 9am Sunday 2 April 2022.We are back on the path above the beach walking through even bigger daffodils covering my knees this time! My sister became ill today. I think she had hay fever so she’s resting to be ready for her art project. I’ll help her out as she gave me a list of rocks and shells and sea glass she would like.I found shells with holes in them which is what my sister wanted,crystal types of rocks,which i wanted and some pink sea glass!I forgot about the creature. I’ll tell you more let me describe it to you …

It had a triangular face, a slimy, large body shape and claws rising up from above.I researched more about it and I found out it’s called a triangular lena fish. 

I’m taking my shells,rocks and sea glass back to my sister and we will create our project and update it on you soon!

It’s now Sunday afternoon and my sister and I have created the project. It has sea glass in baby pink glued on the top of the 4 edges of the sheet and the rocks in the middle creating a crystal heart and shells around it for decoration!We will hand it into school tomorrow and we have got our family to rate it on a separate piece of paper and they all gave it 5 STARS!

We will update it on you soon other than that see you soon diary.~X~

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