Diary entry by Violet Palma-The attack

Dear Diary,


I came to Cheerie-On-Sea for a reason and it was meant to be bitten from a slimy,needle like monster.It happened just after midnight when I was taking my dog Baxter out for a walkon the sandy beach when I heard the sloppy sounding growl from the freezing,misty sea.


I turned round to sea what it was then I when I saw that the environment had changed-there were rocks formed in a circle were the noise was coming from.Then drip,drip a faint sound from behind me drip,drip it got louder drip,drip.Then the next thing I knew was I was being hugged.I saw blood.


It bit my shoulder as my dog growled and leapt forward.He knocked the hideous creature to the ground and bit it’s leg,But it was then gone in a blink of an eye!

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