Diary entry

Diary entry Joshua Y6JMPS

Last night I was walking back from the pub with my little brother Jimmy. Jimmy wanted to the beach because he could here the thunder crashing waves and he wanted to surf. When we got there there was a weird type creature with razor sharp teeth and saliva filled mouth. It was about 10x the size of an original cat. It had black and red scales with 10 dagger type claws. Jimmy smashed the fish and chips door open and hid behind the counter.

I was screaming to the top of my lungs, the creature had 5 legs with red and orange beastly eyes. It was looking right through me and it started going at approximately 100 mph I was trying to run for my life but I was to slow compared to the devastating creature. I suddenly lost him because he could smell fresh fish and chips It was nerve racking because I knew Jimmy was in there. I called the police department and they said they would be there right away. I went into the fish and chip shop to see if everything was alright and if Jimmy had been injured physically or mentally. The police finally showed up and I told them the whole story.

As I finished they were just laughing and thought I was joking. I told them repeatedly that I was being serious and that my 10 year old brother was in there with a massive beastly creature. They asked if there was any witnesses and I said no. As soon as I said that they decided to leave. And leave me to figure it out. Was it just my mind playing a trick on me? Was it a dream?

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