It was around 7:35pm when I was taking a stroll along the pier. It was heavily raining and the tide was nearly in. Just then, I suddenly stop to notice the cloudy mist rolling in over the horizon, that’s when it happened.


All of a sudden, there was a deafening cry for help. 

“Help me! It- It’s got me!” screamed the voice ( clearly in lots of pain). I rushed along the damp, rotting wood and down the slippery staircase to the seashore. I looked around but my vision was clouded due to the thick fog, however there it was again, a screech of pure pain. I ran towards it hoping it wasn’t as bad as it sounded, but then, standing in front of me a tall, skinny figure with arms like twigs dangling from a branch with spines attached to its scaly back, it was without a doubt ‘the legend’. I saw a glimpse of seegol’s body lying behind it, weather he was alive was a different question.


Beside me was a piece of driftwood, I picked it up and luckily it had an old, rusted nail sticking out of it.

“Stay back!” I exclaimed. Fortunately, it was scared and the creature darted into the sea and didn’t seem to return for a few weeks. Strangely, Seegol was okay and recovered quite quickly although he couldn’t remember what had happened.

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