Mysteriously they came from an ancient town located in America. They left a few days ago but now they were not on course due to the powerful wind levels.

Up in the misty sky, Captain Rick suddenly shrieked as he heard quiet whispers calling out his name. It was coming from the endless darkness… It was a narrowed eyed beady wolf that glared right into his frightened face. It slowly wandered over to Rick as he licked his lips. He saw some lost wolves where the alpha was at the front, guarding the little ones. They came from a cloudy universe.

Sebastian, Ricks strong and brave friend was there to rescue him from the reckless creature. He lured the pesky wolf  with a piece of raw meat. After Lizzie found out about this deadly universe, she was petrified from this day forward. They both knew that they couldn’t stay here for much longer because of poor Lizzie. All of them came to the conclusion that they need to land. They took a few turns and shortly they were landing. Captain Rick was excited to land. He was shouting all kinds of things like “hold on tight prepare to land!”

With a crash and a bang, they stumbled through some stretched trees. Immediately, the balloon popped! Lizzies heart was pounding and her blood boiled. They were dreading the turbulence of the crash landing. A few long minutes later they were okay apart from a few cuts and grazes and in the middle of nowhere they were safe so they thought. Rick (their best friend) slowly, turned into this deadly demon. A grin appeared on his face and sarcastically said “Did you really think you can get away from me and my wolf friend? I took you on this trip to show you who I was and now you’re going to become a wolf just like me!”

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