Dear diary,

Today was crazy. I will tell you about it. It was yesterday morning 9:30. I took my dogs -******* and benny- for a dog walk as my mum was at work. ******* loves it here and benny well he hates the sand. 

I have to always carry benny as ******* is fine. I love to take them every morning and have big walks. I love my exercise. ******* loves it as well. Suddenly the ripples came into the water as we all watched it . The water turned to green as it was poisonous. I shouted” THE WATER IS POISON.” Everyone ran as they also saw green. 

We ran as fast as we could but it was it . The one and only malamander came out of the sea and bit me . Luckily I did not get poison in my arm. As ******* and benny was wimping to go home . I took them home and told my mum all about it. 

She didn’t believe me. But that was when I felt sick. My mum checked my stomach and head and I was HOT . I had green in my mouth . Could the malamander actually give me poison? I went to my mum as the door was open then…

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