Malmander sighting by Vienna SWW

Yesterday evening, the most memorable thing happened. I was taking my dog Maple for her daily walk on the beach. The waves where gently lapping the pebbles and a flock of seagulls flew overhead. There was chill in the air so I warped up warm. I was holding tight my hat as the wind picked up.

Maple was very far behind me playing in the sea, and she had been sniffing around digging up the pebbles. She was jumping around getting caught in old frail fishing nets and stepping on old plastic bottles.

By now the sun was setting over the horizon, a grey cloud floated into view and the wind started to pick up. I stood waiting for Maple to finish by one of the metal pillars holding up the pier, Suddenly I heard a noise a dripping squelching noise in the dead silence of the night.

I slowly backed up eyes fixing on it, I called Maple who was still playing with the fishing nets. Out of the fog a dark hunched figure came into view, its claws made for shredding and its empty eye made to strike fear into its enemies. It made a loud groan its teeth as sharp as a dagger.

I took a few more steps back, It squelched in the water as it took two careful steps. It’s long arms where nearly touching the ground and its body was covered in moss and drenched seaweed. It made a ghostly moan as it stretched its arms, a few scales shinned in the moonlight.

Maple was sprinting over just realising I had called her over as she got closer her eyes where wide staring at it. Getting back to life she started growling at whatever the creature was. The thing started to back away and it sloped back into the water. Had I just seen the Malamander? Where the legends true?

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