My encounter with the Moleamander by Bella SWW


Yesterday evening I was walking my dog Mosley across the sand of Silver edge shore. Mosley was very interested in the seagulls, barking them off, thinking they would hurt me. So I let him loose, as for having so much fun, whilst I walked up to the docks.

I walked across the shore, watching as the sea as it brushed across the tiny pebbles. I watched in awe as sun settled down behind the hills and the moon awoke from its sleep. The only thing disturbing the calming sound and sights was Mosley, barking at the seagulls and the seagulls squawking as they flew away for safety.

It was getting dark now, and the wind had picked up, Mosley had stopped chasing seagulls (really because all the seagulls had gone). Though the thing that confused me, was that Mosley was now scared. Suddenly, a fowl, rotten smell wafted through the air smelling more and more rotten throughout the minute.

For a split second I thought it was Mosley, until I saw it. A figure loomed out of the mist and I heard faint growl. It was as big as a school table, and had the claws of a mole. It moved slowly towards me, I wished Mosley could protect me now like he tried to protect me from the seagulls, but no, he was to scared.

He crawled towards me, getting faster and faster by the second. Mosley had started to run of, then I realised something. He looked just like the picture from the the story copied from a legend.

I couldn’t see Mosley any more and now the monster was at full speed. I ran. Faster faster than I had ever ran in my life. I had soon caught up with Mosley (had stopped dead realising I was not with him). The monster was now out of sight, but I could have sworn I had just seen the legendary moleamander.


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  1. Well done. Like the way that you said that mously was interested in the seagulls and that you said that the sea brushed across the pebbles. you did so well I had to think for ten minutes but maybe start with a ly or a ing starter.

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