It was early afternoon (around 2pm). I was strolling with herbi Lemon along the beach after buying lunch at seegol’s diner,when I noticed something odd… I saw in the thick fog Boathook man laying on the damp sand like a lifeless doll. 


But that’s when I saw it! A tall green,slender fish human looming over Boathook man like a crooked tree,smelling of rotting fish and sea. Without hesitation, I threw a piece of driftwood at the monster. It slowly turned toward me, eyes rusty-red and teeth razor-sharp like splinters. 


The monster ran back into the cold ocean, Its soft screams echoed in the distance. We ran over to Boathook man in a flash, helping up as he brushed sand off him. We all made a dash of it without thinking,paranoid and fearful. 


“I-it was it. It w-was the M-malamander!”Cried Boathook man ,scared and tired.  

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