The Battle Bus

The battle bus. Full of gold and so far high in the air you could die. Bob is very angry because the boss is making fun of Tinkle so he rushed over to the boss and shouted’’ STOP RIGHT NOW’’ or we will have trouble. They had come from the villages in Longton.

They had been travelling for weeks. They were both starving and both are really tired.  Tinkle had spotted in the distance a couple of Demodragons that were flying as fast as they could towards them.

Suddenly, they had drove the battle bus as fast as they could to get away from them pesky GIANT Demodragons. Everybody had thought they lost them and they did they searched everywhere and didn’t have a clue where they had gone.

As everyone was moving down to the bottom of the battle bus, it started to flow a little bit down to the ground Everyone thought that the air balloon had popped but it was because the engine had gotten a little to rusty and it had stopped working and they had all flew down to the floor. They were wondering if they had managed to escape danger?

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