The Dramione Adventure

Hermione gripped the railings, her hands became sweaty. She swallowed a gulf of surlier as the clouds blew. She glanced at her twin brother Draco who began to climb the ladder. It had been a week or so since they left the city. After they passed the high grounds, the outrageous storm blew them off course.


Without warning, the Voldemorts struck. Draco saw sixty of them coming out of a storm cloud and came flying towards the Dramione. Captain Harry tugged the side.


Two minutes later, the one-eyed Voldemorts disappeared. Captain Harry steered the Dramione into an immense cloud. Thunder grumbled around them and electricity crackled. Draco and Hermione scanned for the Voldemorts but they weren’t anywhere to be seen.

“Hold on! We are going down!” screamed Captain Harry.

A moment later, the Dramione briskly dipped below the clouds as air emptied out of the balloon and the engines slowed down. The dry lands squinted through the clouds.

“I think the Voldemorts are gone!” Hermione shouted in relief. Had they escaped this nightmare?


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