The Jungle Cruise Hotel

This summer, were you looking for an experience to die for? Or maybe looking for a place to go where everything’s at peace? We have got you covered! Come to the jungle cruise hotel! Where you can catch a breather from work!


From outstanding views to breath-taking adventures, you won’t be bored at this fun filled fantasy! We can take you to our secluded top rated zoo where you can touch a lion or feel a dolphin, you name it we’ve got it!


Not too keen? Well! We have wishy washies water park, jungle top tree theme park ,dig in diner and so much more!


Go to our website to claim these wonderful rewards when you book!


  • Under 6 go free!
  • After book in all food comes with it
  • Late night pool access
  • V.I.P bowling tickets 


And so much more!


Sign in today at !

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