The Midnight Rider

Troy gripped the slippery, silver railings tightly looking over at the brewing storm ahead. The wind whipped his hair wildly. He glanced over at his sister Lizzy, who was sat at the side of the midnight rider gripping the bars firmly. They had left the city just over a week ago now. Lizzy deeply missed the city; she was desperate to get back home. It should have only been a few days travelling over the lowlands, but the storm had blown them off track.


Without warning, four soaring sky dragons came swooping down from the grey sky belting out clouds of fire, which were blowing over the skyship. Captain Black bead tugged at the skyship furiously trying to avoid danger. Nervously Lizzy and Troy sat surrounded by a translucent grey cloud. Quickly, Captain Black Beard drove the engines as hard as possible to get out of danger.


Minutes later, the turbulence suddenly decreased. The dragons had disappeared while the Captain steered the skyship into a huge black storm cloud below the sky. Lightning pierced through the clouds and thunder shook the ground below. Lizzy stared through the telescope with great concentration.

“Everyone hold on tight! Prepare to land!” shouted Captain Black beard. Troy sighed a sigh of relief.

Suddenly, the midnight rider began to duck under the clouds preparing to land. Peering out of the clouds, Troy saw dry land ahead of them. The air squealed out of the balloon as they began their descent. The sky ship bashed from side to side with no control. Did they manage to escape the dragons?


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