The Monster by Lily SWW

Yesterday evening, the most extraordinary thing happened. I was strolling along the beach and Poppy was scampering of sniffing the perfectly round pebbles. The waves were rolling carelessly along the shore and I stumbled over to the pier holding my coat close to my chest.

As I reached the pier grey clouds formed ahead and the sea got angrier. The ground shook and the rocks tumbled. Something emerged from the ground.

Grabbing the surface with it’s scaly tentacles it came eye to eye with me. It’s body was covered in green slime and it’s teeth could probably rip me to bits. I whistled for Poppy but she didn’t come. The creature plodded towards me, slobber dripping down it’s mouth.

Suddenly, footsteps came dashing towards me. It was Poppy! As soon as she was next to me she froze then barked viciously. The monster submerged back under the pebbles and we ran back to the Grand Nautilus Hotel.

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