The Most Heartbreaking Day Of My Life….by Eliza and Isla


Dear Diary,

Today was the most heartbreaking day, it was the day that all the darkness had sunk into my soul. I don’t really like talking about it but I’ll tell you what happened today……

It was an early morning Saturday, and I was just chilling in my room watching youtube when I heard a loud bang and scream in the room next door, it was my parents bedroom, I knew that something bad was going on. Something really bad. The knot in my stomach pulled tighter. And tighter. 

I had to know what was going on but I didn’t want to get injured.

Finally the shouting had ended but that was only the start of it, I saw my mum dash out of their room, mascara running down her face and bruises on her arm. I tried to stop her. What had happened? What was going on? Could it be because of me? Did I do anything wrong?

She pushed me out of the way and I asked her “What was going on?” She ignored me so I did the same and tried to******* up!

The next day I ran away to where I belong, the place I love to be, the sea! But what was that in the water?…………

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