The Night Shiner

Up high in the air, Lily held the railing as tight as she possibly could. The Night Shiner skyship was great but gave Lily a horrible tummy bug. She peered at her brother Troy, who looked like he was enjoying being launched on The Night Shiner. It felt like they have been travelling for years but it had only been a week or two. Lily deeply loved the city but Troy always loved having an adventure, even though it wasn’t a great one. The Night shiner had been thrown off course because they couldn’t go the way they were meant to go because there was a big brutal storm that way so they had to take a different route, Lily didn’t even know if they would make it home.

Unexpectedly, five flying evil horses sped over the night shiner circling around and around trying to bite the skyship. Lily was now terrified; Troy was still brave but was now getting a little scared. Luckily Captain Greenwood flew right under some big grey clouds and flew as they could.

“Well done Captain Greenwood!” Troy said whilst clapping his hands proudly

“Yes well done.” Lilly said weak and quietly.

A few moments later, the 5 flying evil horses seemed to have disappeared. Which was a great relief to Lily, she felt very nervous and just wanted to go home. She sat in a chair watching closely to see if she could see any evil flying horses. Troy was amazed how Captain Greenwood had flown them into a translucent cloud – he was so clever. Just then Captain Greenwood came on the megaphone saying,

“Prepare to land, please take your seat.”

Suddenly, the ship began to wobble and then dropped. Captain Greenwood came one the megaphone again

“It looks like we have a flat engine guys, but don’t worry you’re in good care.” He said in a calm manner. Lily, who was still terrified of what happened, peered out the window still checking for the flying evil horses. Did Captain Greenwood land the ship safely?

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