The Sea Puppet.

Last night was the most shocking and scary experience I have ever witnessed. I was going to the beach diner with my friends, Shelly and Harry, and while we were waiting for our food I decided to take a calming stroll on the docks and look at the boats. The sea looked beautiful, the sky was setting for its sleep and a jungle of reds and oranges filled the sky. 

As I strolled along the docks, the sky began to crackle and the sea seemed less calming. It was rumbling and waves that used to be little bumps were now huge killers. They crashed and raged against the shoreline as I stepped back in horror. A mist had begun to form and I could barely see which way was forward. I was hopelessly lost. 

I twisted and turned but I realised I was going round in circles. The foggy mist clouded around me and it was getting worse, my vision was becoming hopeless. As I began to give up hope, I saw a light. A red light. Taking a closer look, I slipped forward and I covered my mouth in shock. They were eyes. Red crimson eyes, glaring into mine like the demon sent from hell.

This creature had long flabby legs with scars as deep as the depths of the ocean. It had a dress with a rustic look, mud and splatters at the rim. But, it’s face. It had a deadly face. This monster had demon red eyes as red as the devil. It had a crooked smile that stretched to its eyes and a tiny speck of a nose. I had to stop myself from screaming. 

I turned as fast as I could and ran with the wind. I ran and ran and ran until I reached the edge of the docks and stopped, I was back at the diner. I had seen a sea puppet. The legends were true. The Sea Puppet is real. The legend is true. And this creature is coming for me. It chose me and now I am doomed. I have a doomed death. But, if Sea Puppets are real, what else are?

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