The Sky-ship Travellers

Ollie and Elizabeth, both born with different abilities, One smart, the other brave. Ollie was the brains while Lizzy was the brave. They grew up in a normal town but they were now on a sky-ship, on a search to figure out the mystery of what really happened to their dad

“Wait what’s that sound?” asked Lizzy.

All of a sudden, a flock of malevolent sky dragons with daggering horns came swooping down out of the stormy clouds, breathing flaming fire at the sky-ship. They began to twist and turn, Lizzy was gripping onto the rough rope with all of her strength, whilst Ollie had fainted.

Without a moment to think, the Captain stepped the gas hoping to escape the startling dragons, then they went flying into the clouds “Thank goodness,” sighed Ollie, in a relieved voice, “We have finally lost them.”

“Although it seems that those pesky dragons have done us a favour, we have arrived at our destination,” said Lizzy feeling a burst of excitement shiver down her spine. Everyone was silent in amazement.

“Prepare to land!” shouted the captain. The ship went sinking down with crashes and bangs, then … they hit the ground. Everybody had been on this ship for weeks and finally, they had made it, Ollie and Lizzy were over-joyed, they were finally going to find out the mystery that has been holding them down, or do they not know what surprise they are in for.

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