A sky ship adventure

You’re more likely to have been on a sky ship when the skies are bright blue and the swift breeze is just enough to give your engines a jump start.Remember hot it feels to have the crazy wind blowing through your hair,to see the fields and towns far below and to feel totally relaxed of your everyday life.

I bet you’ve enjoyed holiday flight across the bay,journeys to see distant relatives,knowing that once you get to the ground you will be able to enjoy yourself for several weeks.

But you should also try a trip when the winter winds are as sharp as knives with the clouds darkening ,for that is another situation.when the thunder explodes like canon fire balls around you and a lightning strike that will drive you crazy and will bring down the sky ship,when the rigging strains and the ship’s the ship’s engine fail that’s when a sky ship ride is not much fun.

And some say they’ve seen sky pirates,hiding in the the clouds, waiting to prey it’s enemy.You probably won’t believe this but some say that there are flying beast with sharp claws that can tear apart the toughest dragon’s skin Fred and jack were born as twins both had superpowers which could come in handy later in their life.


They were born on a Sky-ship before they had to evacuate. Their Mother accidentally left them on the ground and sadly Dad couldn’t evacuate in time. They were only two years old and had no protection.

They evacuated safely, even that there dad died and they arrived at a village called the stormy village because everyday it was very wet and they lived there.Up till today they can’t find there mum.

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  1. This was really nice to read!

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