Airship adventure

You’ve probably been on a airship when the sun is setting with a pinkish amber colour and there is a slight breeze blowing through your hair. Remember how it feels for all your problems to go away, and feel free for the whole time your on that airship.

I bet you’ve enjoyed your weekend flight across the sea to see your friends and family remembering that once you get there you’ll be able to have fun and relax for the rest of the holiday.

But you should also try a trip where the skies look deadly with your lovely white clouds turn a darkish grey for that is another matter, when the clouds start to gather and lighting strikes and when the airship starts to break down like a tower of Jenga tumbling down, that’s when a airship ride isn’t so much fun…

And some people say that they have seen dragons disguised as clouds and wait for airship adventurers to come ,and attack when they come close you probably won’t believe this, but some say that even though their claws don’t look sharp at all they can actually tear apart an airship easily in a flash.

                                                               ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

It started to get dark and they were already 20 meters up in the air they couldn’t give up now, and even if they did they would be lost in the middle of a forest, they have been waiting for this moment for there whole life Niko  doesn’t really like this she gets motion sickness very easily i mean it make sense this was Joel’s idea after all. Joel is Niko’s little brother every night Joel would wake up Niko to go outside and watch the airship go by, he also loved looking down at the city and seeing all the beautiful lights.

They decided that since it was getting late they should go to sleep since they were also awake all morning about going on the airship, but now that they are on one there isn’t much to do they went to their bedroom got into bed and went fast asleep.

“BANG” a ginormous storm was starting and the airship was rocking from left to right. Joel woke up and started to worry and shouted “NIKO NIKO WAKE UP! QUICK” Niko woke up with her eyes squinted and murmured “what now Joel if it is a spider don’t worry the spider is more scared of you than you are scared of them” “NO NIKO IT IS WORST THAT A SPIDER THERE IS A GINORMOUS STORM HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!” Joel spirited out and started to steer the ship “CAPTAIN” Joel called “HELP STEER THE SHIP” but there was no response “Captain?”…

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  1. Really good but basic title.

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