Black Beauty

Black Beauty

‘’Quick grab the steering wheel,we are about to crash into Magic Mountain!’’ screamed Sienna nervously.
‘’Are you sure? I’ve never done anything like this before!’’ Astra Cried.
‘’Yes do it fast!’’ Sienna shouted.
Shaking,Astra gripped the old steering wheel and swiftly,twisted it to the left.
‘’ That was good for your first time but now, we are going the wrong way, Gold willow is to the right!’ Screeched Sienna.As Sienna grasped the steering wheel it wouldn’t move.She pulled it harder nothing.
‘’Whats happening?’’Astra said with a shaky voice.
‘’I don’t know I had Black Beauty for years and nothing like this ever happened!’’ Sienna cried.
Over head, darling arrow of lighting tore the leaden sky apart ripping its belly and flooding the land.The two friends huddled together as anxiety flooded through them.Despite Siennas best efforts ,she could not control the ship.As the engine spluttered uncontrollably (the electrical storm had caused terrible damage) the ship sank ad rapidly as a stone in a pond.

Astra and Sienna stared in horror as Black Beauty sunk down from the air like a bird.Beads of sweat, dropped from their faces as Sienna tried to move the steering wheel again,this time the ship said ‘’alert!’’ ‘’alert!’’ ‘’ship has been put out of control.”
This is the end we re going to die!!’’cried Astra.
Their face were as pale as ghostly spectres. All of a sudden,they crashed onto a Golden Beach.

Tentaively, Sienna peeked out from behind the control panel. They could hear the salty waves smashing together.
‘’We crashed on a beach.’’ Said Sienna quietly.
They stood up to look around.The vivid blue sea stretched as far as their eyes could see.Sand stretched for miles like a golden bridge. A row of palm trees danced in the ocean breeze. Further along the shore , a steep winding path led to a small shelter cave. At the entrance stood a dilapidated hut suggesting thats someone once lived there. It felt like heaven.

Astra went to find materials to fix the engine.He told Sienna to stay on board as ti was a unknown territory.She stared nervously into the invading darkness as the evening began to draw in.

Suddenly, she heard something….

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