City of dragons

City of Dragons


Hundreds of generations before Morgan had explored far away lands, it was now her turn. Her stepmother and her had moved to the city to escape her past, but Morgan knew it was in her blood. Nothing- well at least human –could stop her

She ran as fast as her legs could let her. After months of hiding from the crew, Morgan and her cat were inches away from being discovered. ’You can do this Winky’ she said in a hushed tone, ‘ Just imagine what could happen if you chased that mouse. We would be thrown overboard ! We wouldn’t want that to happen, would we?’

Abruptly, the ship started rocking. This was quite ordinary on the Salty Solomon as it used to be a sea-based ship until a young inventor called Morrigan Snow decided to create a flying version. It wasn’t successful but Captain Cronwell still put it to use.

This time the rocking was different: it was stronger. Rays of searing light began to pierce through the clouds ,distracting  the crew. Morgan took Winky and ran to their secret hiding spot but curiosity took over and ran to the railings. The light sliced through the sky-ship making it become two. ‘No!’ screeched Morgan. She and Winky were now left to their own devices.

Chapter 2

Morgan stared down in horror , knowing that she  was about to meet her end, yet Winky was calm . Morgan grabbed Winky by the paw and ran to their secret spot but it was to late ; the crew saw them Every second, the ground rushed closer and closer towards them . Captain Cronwell’s hands went white  with effort as she wrestled the tiler so that the Salty Solomon had a safe descent. At that moment, if everything had gone to plan, they would be flying over dragons peak but instead they were plummeting to their death.

The ship landed with a crash, throwing them to the ground ,destroying the bottom half of the wooden craft and yet they survived. Splinters of wood showered  the ship. As Morgan heaved her body, she peered out of a crack in the wall.

“ Excuse me , sorry to disturb but, who are you?” said a shy voice.

“Please don’t hurt me!” begged Morgan.

“Of course not, why would I? Come on let’s go outside.” Outside ,tremendous mountains ruled the terrain; the sun hid behind the snow caps. Splashing loudly in the distance, a waterfall hid behind the undergrowth. Wind ruffled through her obsidian hair as she gazed at the beautiful surroundings. The sounds of nature emerged from the trees.

A moment later, the engine spluttered loudly. ”Come on, let’s find some resources.  I ain’t the best the best at living of land but I know a thing or two about it.” She saw something in the corner of her eye…


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