Episode 2


Benny was holding his sick in as the cloudjumper got closer to the ground. He looked a bit like broccoli. Bella was amazed.

“It’s like the ground is rising up to us” she said excitedly Captain Henderson was attempting to land at a safe place, on a safe angle and away from any nearby danger.

“almost there” shouted captain Henderson over the mega scope. Benny gripped the cloudjumpers railings in fear. It was near impossible for captain Henderson to keep focus as the cloudjumper bounced side to side. Moments later, THUD! They had landed. Benny looked down in relief “are we in a forest?” asked Bella “Did you not hear captain Henderson, he said were in weeping woods.” Explained Benny.


A blanket of grey mist filled the air. “ is that a ruined city?” asked Bella. Ruined grey building hid inside the grey shadows. Benny got closer amazed at what he was seeing. Slinky grey arms crept along the forest floor making a path towards the buildings. Strange voices echoed around the forest like ghosts moaning and groaning. Fog crept up on benny like a ghostly serpent. Benny couldn’t see the cloudjumper anymore because of the thick mist. He could taste the oily gas from the cloudjumpers mechanisms. There was no light only from a flock of fire-flies  and the moon hiding behind a huge oak tree.


After exploring Captain Henderson left to find for fuel for the cloudjumper. Benny and Bella were left alone in the cold, bitter night. There wasn’t a sound in the sky. Billions of grey shadows descended from the mountain side. The dead leaves rustled on the floor. A black shadow appeared in the mist. Benny’s heart skipped a beat. A peculiar voice said

“who are you…”

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