Crash Fix


Ty and his sister, Mariana were once gliding over the Caribbean, and suddenly an alarm went off. “WHAT IS THAT?! ITS PEIRCING MY EARS!!” hollered Ty.

“DON’T KNOW. I THINK IT’S AN ALARM! BUT IT IS REALLY HOT… in… here.” Answered Mariana, lowering her voice as she heats up.

“IT IS… really… hot.” Ty started to fall. Though Keel, the dog, knew some of the important buttons. Including eject. “WOOF! WOOF!” he barked. He became confused, as Ty had upgraded the button system. Keel had found an obese, red button. “WOOF!” Keel was also starting to fall. His paw was inches from the button. But then, the Sky ship started to shake. The vibration made keel press the button, ejecting Keel, Ty and Mariana.


As they landed on the surface of the ocean, Ty woke up. But Mariana floated as still as a statue after fainting. Keel tried to help Mariana and Ty to get to land, but a massive humpback whale took over. “WOOOO” roared the whale. It was a male, who just ended his singing. The whale got them to the shore faster than ever, and Mariana started spluttering after drinking some water. Ty looked around for help, but all he found was their marred Sky ship.

Fix The Ship

Ty found some strong resources, trying to fix it. Keel was left to help Mariana, and almost instantly was better after Ty had left. Mariana and Keel had found where Ty was, but Keel started wimping. Mariana looked over, and instantaneously saw that he was hurt, with a plump rock right on top of his legs. Mariana was too weak to help him by herself, but Ty was right behind her, getting his resilient arms to lift the rock. It was actually a newly made drug, with a bit of raspberry flavouring. He was allergic to raspberry, but it was the only sweetener he had. With his allergies, the pill wore off quickly. It gave him insane strength, and as so he helped the poor thing. “Hurrah!!” Ty roared. The rock was flouting over his head. “Ty. Get it down from your head. It’ll wear off quickly.” Said Mariana.

“Good point. UHYU!” grunted Ty, as he threw the rock. They used the last of the bandage that Mariana had in her unbreakable bag Ty had made. “Righty-ho!! Let’s get this fixed. We need to find some good material.” Said Ty. It took them a few hours, but they officially found enough rock and wood to upgrade to axes and pickaxes, while hey both use the strength drug to upgrade. Keel was looking for crabs, and used a human drug. It made him have human abilities, though he couldn’t speak at all. While Keel was hunting, he found a mother crab in the middle of laying eggs. He took half of them-which is 4- and carried them to camp. The eggs had lots of protein, vitamin C and vitamin D. Mariana had went off to some cows, which she wanted to eat, but Keel was using the fire. She scavenged for flint and sticks to light a fire, and after a few seconds she found her needs. She used another drug for supplementary knowledge, helping her to light the fire. She seized her axe and… SWING!! “MOOOO!”

Bellowed the cow. She chopped off the head and skin, and cooked the meat, and she thought to herself, the leather could be used for the balloon. Meanwhile, Ty was fixing the Sky Ship with his drug for supplementary knowledge and strength. He had modified the strength with some strawberry sweetener he got from the hunt, so that it lasted longer within an interval of up to 3 hours. “Okay. I’ll finish this helium hunt and we will be okay!! HEY MARIANA! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? MAYBE YOU COULD HELP ME FOR MY HELIUM?” shouted Ty.

“WELL.. IM COOKING STEAK.. BUT IM BORED SO SURE!” exclaimed Mariana. “So where do we look?” she asked. “Everywhere. I saw some over in the East and West… And they are full cans so I endorse for you to take East and I go West.” Answered Ty. “Sure! I might have to check on the steak. Bye” A few hours later they were back, and filled it up. And all three of them where living happily ever after. The End!

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