Crash landing

As Ty and Mariana was traveling in their sky ship lightning came in with winds what was out-of-control. Ty turned the ship around directing it to a gloomy forest. Ty took out a rope from Mariana’s bag and lassoed the end to a tree and they both started to climb down to the ground. Within a blink, Mariana took out her old map to check where they was and it appeared that they was in a place called “Swampy Meadows”. All of a sudden, it started raining over the twin’s heads As Mariana and Ty was escaping an ENORMOUS storm came from no were and began shaking the so they ran for 2 minutes until they spotted a cave that they could shelter in. “It’s freezing in here!” shivered Mariana, “I know, but this will have to do for the night until the rain passes” replied Ty. The next Night the boy rubbed his eyes, as he saw his sister was eating the sandwiches they packed in the sky ship, Ty walked over to Marina and got out a ham sandwich and he started to bite it before the morning came.

The next morning, the twins woke up with their backs aching after sleeping over hard, uncomfortable stones.  “I knew I shouldn’t of left the two sleeping bags on the sky ship”, grumbled Ty. As the twins cracked each overs backs, they started to run as fast as they could before it started to rain again. As Mariana started to get the ship into the air, Ty was looking at his map to find their way to a place called “Mystical Wood” and the reason why they was traveling to such a weird forest is because they heard from their dad that dragons lived there and the twins wanted to prove to their friends that dragons really exist, But suddenly CRASH! A group of sky goblins knocked the twins and the sky ship out of the blue. All Mariana could remember is seeing a group of sky goblins ambushing them out of the sky, “OH NO!” screamed Ty, “What is the matter, brother?” Mariana asked. ”The sky ship! It has a huge rip along the balloon!” replied Ty. Mariana searched around the Wood, trying to find string or other humans to help them, But Then, Ty realized where they was, they was at….Mystical Wood! Ty and Mariana soon started walking after 4 minutes, leaving the sky ship behind to find shelter before night came and the rain would also wash them away. After 10 minutes of walking, the twins found a small hut with smoke coming out of from the chimney so they both knew that someone or something was inside the small hut. Within a blink, Ty opened the door slowly to see who or what was inside and when he opened it they saw… A MAN! “Who are you?” Mariana questioned, “I’m Bill” the man replied. Ty’s and Mariana’s stomach started to rumble because they haven’t eaten anything in the past half hour. “Come here you two, you must be starving!”


Day 2

The next morning Ty woke up to the smell of eggs of bacon along with hot chocolate. He went downstairs to see Bill and Mariana eating breakfast and drinking hot chocolate. “Good morning, sleepy head” Mariana chuckled, “Ha very funny” Ty replied sarcastically. Ty grabbed his breakfast quickly and sat down on the table sipping his hot chocolate to see what was on the TV. Mariana soon came downstairs ready while Ty was still eating his eggs and bacon but after 5 minutes he was ready to fix the ship. Both of the twins got the tools of Bill then they all went to were the sky ship was. When they all got there Bill took the thread and needle out of the tool kit and he started to patch up the huge rip in the balloon, Ty hammered the deck were all the broken planks was and Mariana fixing the steering wheel. After 1 hour of fixing the sky ship, it was floating in the air again then Ty and Mariana was inside but then Ty asked, “Bill, Would you like to come with us?”, “Oh, yes please!” Bill replied happily.

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