Crash Landing

In the distance Tynn and Marian saw a colossal and Enormous dark figure in the clouds they noticed it was coming at them and suddenly they fell to the ground. CRASH! CRASH! CRASH! The Sky ship had been broken they shot to the ground. Bruno was injured so Marian healed him with an apple it worked and she also put on some bandages so he could recover from the  fall. The place they were they didn’t know what or where it was it was just dim and misty.  The clouds started to thin away so Bruno peered behind the clouds and found 2 dragons circling the clouds. That’s why Ty  was injured the most he must have touched the dragons then everything fell. Meanwhile they were still looking at the place thinking if they had ever been there but nothing came into their heads no ideas.  There was only a river and an abandoned theme park called Alton towers they knew one of them would leave to get the parts of the Sky Ship. They had got another Sky Ship until they fixed the Pandora it had 2 rooms with bathrooms inside them and a dining room. They were still worrying about needing to fix the ship so they decided one of them keep the sky ship secure and the other go to rebuild the Pandora. They decided Ty stays in the sky ship and regains his strength  while Marian goes off and rebuilds. It would take them a couple of months to get everything back to normal and set off again. Suddenly they saw a sign that says welcome to Wigan. In school we all once learned about Wigan and how bad a disease called coronavirus spreader to everyone. Ty tried to get up but he didn’t have the strength to so he connected to his walkie talkie to talk to Marian.

‘’help I cant get up go  and make me some breakfast’’, said Ty.


So Bruno opened the door with his controller and she made him breakfast dinner and tea. Marian was getting concerned about Bruno because it had been 3 months of him on bedrest. Marina went out one day and found somebody and she asked them to be apart of there team she was called Alex. They sat down every morning describing the sky. Today the sky is so misty and dark plus its 2 degreases.

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