Grab the wheel ! I feel we’re heading straight into troubled shouted Elize. All of a sudden a flash of shimmering silver zoomed past the Dragon blazer the friends had only left Potter Village yesterday and had been assured good weather unfortunately it hadn’t lasted long .

Just then Lightning forked across the heavy sky and the ship tilted dangerously as a large tear left the main sale in s. Although Eliza was a skilled pilot she had not a fasted a challenge like this one before. Seizing the railings with a vice like grip the friends clung on for dear life as the ship was lost from side to side in the ferocious wind.

Leah and ELIZA couldn’t control the Dragon gazer Leah stared in horror the sky ship got hit again with the lightning and descended rapidly to the ground below

Leah looked over the bars and saw A Deadly forest the ivory Sun descended from the icy blue sky the ghostly moon ascended into the stars field night all around the trees swayed side to side as Leah explained look at the moon it is shining as bright as 20 lighthouses in front of the ship was a mass of prickly thorny bushes that were positioned at the bottom of the tall towering trees. The stench of a nearby lake Filled there Heart noxious gases making them feel very dizzy don’t worry it will be fine I’ll go and try to find some water or food or maybe someone said Captain nutcracker

Suddenly they saw something rise from the bushes.

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