Spring skies

You’ve probably been on a skyship; where the skies are as clear as crystal and the wind is nothing but a gentle cooling breeze. The radiant sunbeams glimmering down on your face. Birds singing blissfully above you. Remember how the sun shimmers down on the lakes below, reflecting a heavenly shine.

I bet you’ve enjoyed travelling to remote tropical islands, or exotic cities, or even thriving forests, ever-knowing that when you land you can get away from it all and have a few weeks in paradise.

But have you tried a journey when the skyship is blown away by the howling winds and the harsh, bitter hailstorms naw away at the wings. What about hurricanes large enough to tear down a whole city, if not 2. Where the lighting halts the engines and brings the ship crashing to the dirt.

And some say that vicious sky pixies hide on the side of your skyship, preparing for the the right moment to charge. You won’t believe me but some say they have seen lightning dæmons cackling in the clouds ready to strike down your ship.

The golden light shone down upon the Persephone, as she glided through the cerulean sky. Disappearing into the soft white clouds then appearing a second later. Eurydice stood proudly on the oak deck, her sun-bleached hair flowing like a winding river. She looked down at the deep indigo waves, lapping back and forth.

Suddenly the clock chimed 20 Suns. The bell’s deafening shout rung over all of Celesior, “da-ling” and again “da-ling” and again “da-ling” over and over and over again. The ship swayed from side to side, the deck shaking, but Eurydice was still standing , in a daze, still, daydreaming.

Her daydream was suddenly popped when a loud voice barked “ Eurydice” “the winds are unstable” “hurry up” “steer us out of here” “we are going to crash”.

This voice was suddenly muffled when Iris fell…

2 Responses to “Eva”

  1. Very good but your name is the title.

  2. Great but at the beginning, I would’ve definitely put a comma rather than a semi-colon. <3

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