Halow Lazer

The Halow Lazer

As the thunder made an ominous roar, the Halow Lazer (which is the Skyship) rocked side to side. Suddenly, a sound filled the air “What was that?” said Vy as they stood in confusion. At that moment, they approached the sound, but then the Halow Lazer shook making them fall. As lighting crackled Olive and Vy got frightened because they knew that they were coming to the Forgotten Forest to find there long lost friend but it will take a while since their coming from Medow Town which is on the other side of the island. CRACK! Fear ran through there body. Moments later, the ferocious storm intensified. Thunder boomed overhead and lightning lore through the sky. Olive and Vy clung desperately onto the tiller, willing it to succumb to their command. They had read the Halow Lazer operational manual from cover to cover before they left but the force of this storm was too much for them. Just then, a Flash of lightning tore through the top of the ship, like a knife through butter, and a huge tear appeared. The skyship tilted and plummeted. The ground below rushed towards them.

Vy gazed at the ground as the Halow Lazer crashed into the floor with a huge thud. Olive looked over the rails to see that they had made it to the Forgotten Forest. But there was a problem, the Skyship had been damaged, the top of it was destroyed.

After, they looked around checking if there was any danger. Olive and Vy stared into the darkness wondering how they will find their friend Chad. With out warning, a tall figure emerged from the trees “Who are you?” Asked Vy “ I am Jonsey” He replied. Soon after Jonsey started helping them.

While Jonsey went to go get metirial for the Skyship. Olive saw looked around while on the Skyship. Olive saw ruins that once belonged to a house. The air smelt like a swamp, therefore it was hard to breath the pungent smell was horrible. In the distance, they could see enormous trees which stood proudly amongst the miniature trees. Next to the Skyship, stood a statue; Olive and Vy were perplexed on why the statue was there. They stared at the ruins wondering if the person who lived there was there friend. Underneath them were lots of spiders which left huge cobwebs that hung off of trees. As sweat ran down Vy’s cheek a spider crawled onto Olive. They could hear rustiling coming from the bushes and the howling of the wind.

Just then, some movement caught the donor of there eye

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