Lift off


You’ve probably been on a airship when it’s sunny or the sky is orange and the sound of fun everywhere. Remember how it feels to have the wind in your face plus the beautiful sky and the lands hundreds of feet down also and feeling amazing every minute.

I bet you’ve enjoyed spending days upon days on the sky ship excited for the next big thing.

But you should also try being on a sky ship when the wind pushes you back a meter with clouds blocking your view and not knowing where you are. When the lightning and thunder hits the airship and everyone gets scared also when the engines start to fail and then the sky ship turn and you fall

And some say they’ve seen dragons and sky spiders waiting to get and eat you. You probably won’t believe this but some say that there are sky pirates that won’t give up to get treasure


“Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the annual airship lift off” said the man with a microphone up to his mouth “today we will get to see the one hundredth sky ship lift off” as Michael Jordan and Barry Andrew snuck onto the airship, “lift off in 5,4,3,2,1” and people started to cut the ropes holding the ship down and then Michael and Barry had officially snuck onto the ship.

About five minutes later they were over the violet sea with land in the distance “I’ve always wanted to be on a airship” said Barry as they were sneaking around the ship when they ran into there old friend Jack Bryce who had also sneaked on the ship.

Jack said “quickly hide the captain is coming” they found a chest and hid in there the captain came out his room and said “this is captain Ryan speaking is everyone having a good time” everyone in the bar replied with “YEAH!” With wine glasses in there hands and then some stood up and said “to this airship” and then everyone replied with “CHEERS”! and what sounded like a thousand glasses clashing against each other.

Jack, Micheal and Barry came out the chest to early the captain saw them and knew the had sneaked on because there was no kids allowed on the airship so the captain started to chase them so Micheal,Jack and Barry ran and ran till the got to the plank Barry said “just jump we’ll land in water” “OK” shouted so they jumped.

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