My adventure story

Through the rough winds the ruckle decker sways from right to left struggling to make its way.”Release the sales “yelled Darstly Dan [captain] as he staired the wheel strong and firmly.The storm ended and they sighted a massive piece of land .Darstly Dan opened the book of lands and he was heading to the south .In the book he saw a map which looks familiar to the land . “we’ve made it to the isle of of magic “ yelled Darstly Dan . Not concentrating , the buckle decker dashed down to the coast of the isle.”Unleash the gripping ropes” shouted Captain Darstly Dan. The rope pierced the sand. “Our mission is to gond collect as many treasure chests as possible from the Demons dark toward bring back the Golden sword of justice.

The ship flipped over and over uncontrollably as the engine pressure began to drop.The Captains stomach flipped in fear as he watched the ground rise swiftly to meet him.

Below the ship a golden arch of sand stretched out for miles as drifted straight towards the wood scattered across the beach. The ship was wrecked. 

Captain dan decided to leave the ship to look for materials to repair the mangled ship. “ Do not leave the ship!” he instructed his crew. As the crew peered over the endless coconut trees, miles of sand and the shimmering sun, they saw the sun blaze down onto the glittering beaches. From behind the towering coconut trees, a screeching sound caught their attention…

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