Sky ship adventure

You’ve probably been on an air ship when the scorching sun is out and a little breeze to cool you down.The breeze soft enough to enjoy and strong enough that an airship can glide through the blue sky as blue as the ocean.Remember how it feels to relax and play your favourite sport till midnight.

I bet you’ve enjoyed a cool holiday flights across from the city.From there is just relaxing for what looks like endless weeks.

But you should also try a ferocious journey through the monstrous tornados sucking you in like a sink.When the thunder explodes like a destructive bomb and lightning zaps.When the rain drips on to the balloon at night making you annoyed when trying o go to sleep,that’s when an airship ride is not so fun.

{part of the story}

When Jacob was napping when lightning struck.They were passing over Golden Isles.Olivia who was steering the sky ship dodged the lightning in the thunder.

Jacob awoke from is “precious” nap.They were above the sea and out of the thunder(no literally).Jacob went to get a scrumptious scrambled egg.Then out of the blue Charlotte ran don and screamed “Don’t touch the egg!It’s for tea.”

Meanwhile,in the upper deck everyone ent for tea,biscuit and egg while the ship was on auto pilot mode.After tea the sky ship was just on top of Mistland and a hurricane was coming.

Oliver ran up to the deck and steered the ship just avoiding the tornado.But he swerved the ship into the forbidden mountain Misty mountains.No one has come out alive.The saying goes “No one went in and came out alive or severely uninjured.”Will they come out alive?

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