Sky ship adventure

You’ve probably been on a sky -ship were the sky’s are bright blue and the air is fresh.remember how it feels to be feels to be free roaming through the air and watching beautiful  scenery from up high.

I bet you you’ve enjoyed seeing creatures that fly with you in the sky.

But you have to try a trip in the summer where the blissful water falls run, and the flowers bloom. When the trees grow tall around you like giant metal bars.

And some say they seen glistening crystals up from above. You probably won’t believe this but some say there is a secret path leading to a island.

Sky ship adventure

Amy and George where in the cabin, suddenly the bed slid slightly to the left. “What was that said asked Amy”? Soon after Amy peared out the small circular window George said Amy in a worried voice.

The sky ship was swerving round and round “get back into your cabin” screamed there father , George and Amy sprinted towards there cabins a sea of grey storm clouds  swallowed the entire ship.Amy and George sat hugging each other tightly.

It was now morning, Amy and George were still traumatised from last night. There were no longer in the air, as they stepped out of there cabin the sky ship was destroyed.

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