Sky-ship adventure

Sky-ship adventure

You’ve probably been on an airship when the sun was shining on the ocean. Remember how we would feel the wind on our face?

l bet you’ve enjoyed swimming in the waves.


Steve launched the sky-ship into the air. It was a lovely sunny day perfect flying conditions. 

Bob was worried as he knew a storm was approaching. Bob didn’t want to tell Steve as it 

was his dream. He had already waited 10 years to go. Bob didn’t want to spoil their 


It was to late. The storm had arrived. The sky-ship was about to be blown off course. Bob knew that it was about to become very bumpy. He had to warn Steve. Steve was trying his hardest to 

steer the sky-ship through the storm. Bob was running around screaming as the wind was trying to blow him away. Bob gripped the rail tightly. 

“I thought you checked the weather forecast earlier!?”

The wind was so rapid the ship flew down to the ocean and crashed.

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