Flying through the leaden sky, the skygrinder lunged across the maze of the mountains. The skygrinder buffeted left to right. Whilst Jake was starting the ship, there was a problem a big problem. The engine coughed and coughed. After all that effort they have it has to happen. Luckily, they had a manual with them. But the manual didn’t have anything to fix the engine.

Surprisingly there was another problem, not a mechanical problem a lot worse. There were dragons but big ones. Bradley and Jake glanced at each other like reading minds. One of the dragons used its jagged teeth to bite part of the ragged balloon. Jake could smell the fear of the crew mates. The skygrinder was plummeting
down like a meteor shower. What were they going to do?

Jake and Bradley gawped at each other in fear. Bradley rushed to the steering wheel but nothing happened. The skygrinder juddered and landed with a thud. Intensely, Bradley peeked from under the skygrinder. Slowly, Jake emerged and peeked from under the skygrinder with beads of sweat dripping down his forehead.

A little while later, Bradley and Jake were both puzzled. Below the skygrinder, waves thrashed against the rocks. They were surrounded by snow white beaches and a radiant navy sea that stretched as the eye can can see. A foresaken ship was blustered by the wind. Bradley nervously scrutinised the area for anything bad. He gawped at the sun glimmering down on the skygrinder like an albino eye.

Bradley and Jake struggled to get up from the skygrinder. But for some reason Jake ran off. Bradley was perplexed and furious. Twenty minutes later, Bradley was still looking for him but he must be long gone by now.

Just the, a flash of movement caught his eye!

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