The whole world seemed unnaturally dark, as if it had been drained of all light as the tempest broke. As the storm of impending doom buffeted the metallic skyrider like a ping – pong ball, out of nowhere a storm dragon emerged from the clouds charging electricity and blasting a raging ball of spiked sparks. Mike and Zoey held onto the railings with a sweaty face shouting to Alex, and telling him to get them out of the big mess. The engines were on fire causing acid like smoke to cover the skyrider but also managing to scare the menacing creature into retreat . Billowing smoke dispersed away from the steel – lined skyrider but forcing it off course. Spinning like a Ninja star the skyrider fell like a nuclear explosion seconds away from crashing.


Falling like a meteor shower, the skyrider swayed violently. Mike’s face turned as red as a cherry until Zoey screamed as a raging fireball was sent flying towards them. The fireball landed onto the skyrider and causing it to plummet as fast as a rocket. The skrider crashed down like Thor’s hammer , and landed into a jungle.

A little while later Alex, Zoey and Mike gathered together, to finding themselves alone with nothing and nobody. Zoey peered curiously into the forest.

Mike found a note from the crew on the back of the skyrider saying “We have left to find supply’s ,stay there and keep safe. Zoey looked around but the crew were nowhere to be seen. They then saw an old  demolished and cracked house in the distance .

They hear a sudden thud behind them and scrpe from steel like claws…

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