Ty and Mariana heard the captain calling “get below deck! “

Without hesitation, they rushed down the steps they wanted to ask what had happened but they knew it wasn’t the right time. They put their hands on the railing as they heard a massive screech. Peering between the steps on the stairway they could see claws as sharp as a blade and fire red feathers. As Mariana was clutching the back of Ty’s jumper she asked “what is it?

“A bird, but not a small one” he replied

Mariana peeked through the railing she gasped for some air and ducked her head immediately. Suddenly, they heard a bang, the air ship popped. Despite being inside the boat, the air was rushing past their faces. They had no concept of how high they were or how close to the ground before… BANG!!! They lifted their head up and asked loads of questions. Mariana had a bruise on her for head and Ty had a piece of glass stuck in the palm of his hand they called for the captain but no reply. They looked around to see him buried in a pile off wood they helped him up and went to the aid room to see if they could treat themselves ty removed the glass from his palm and blood came pouring out they cleaned up and got out the ship

They left the ship and looked around. They heard squelching coming from their boots and it was a swamp although it wasn’t so deep it had only reached up to their ankles. They heard a loud banging noise coming from behind them. And the captain had already started to fix the ship Ty helped by passing him the tools he needed.  While Mariana was stood like someone had just smacked her across the face. They looked up to see a black rusty gate but behind it there stood a massive village. Although in the back of the village there was a large hill and at the top there was luxurious house. “Okay let’s get a move on. Now the ship is fixed we can carry on our journey”

“But look at that house can we stay a day or two “claimed Mariana in a babyish voice

“Fine if you must “agreed the captain

They opened the gate to a loud CREAK!


Mariana marched down the path way while Ty was sat on the ship holding on to the railings like if he let go he would die. The captain finally got Ty off and they caught up with Mariana. Although she wasn’t even half way up the trail. Soon enough they reached up to the tiny village houses, although they got tired after the crash landing so they went inside one of the houses. There was no one in the houses but all the light were flicked on. As soon as Ty opened the door he landed halfway up the path way he was confused he looked around for the captain and Mariana but they were no were to be seen . The sky turned purple and everything started to float he held on to a tree, he lured himself down do the door he held the handle and the door opened he forced himself in and he was at the mansion at the top of the hill and they were there. He explained what had happened they ran out immediately and set off to finish the ship.

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