Standard Stanley Hotel

Come Visit The Standard Stanley Hotel


Are you hoping to have the best holiday this year?

Are you hoping to be on holiday with a cheap price?

Well if you are, then get ready to book into Standard Stanley Hotel with dreams and wishes come true, with free sports for kids like free skydiving, free horse riding and free tickets to see famous celebrities !. And it’s not even expensive 50% off if you book from today to 4th May 2022 book in now!


Here is some activities to do with your family or just yourself

  • Spa/go free if you have got the luxury room at 50% off
  • Tree climbing goes free for children under 10 years with lovely high trees
  • Surf boarding with world’s funniest coaches and everyone goes free
  • Art clubs come free with booking of the holiday 8am-7pm
  • Free pass to go to the amazing animal petting zoo with incredible animals!
  • Pets are invited to animal spa! Or the walking trail!
  • Free Swimming at the kids and adults pool!


We provide luxurious rooms for kids and your family our highest sized room sleeps for 10 people. Beautiful views on your outdoor modern luxury balcony. We have lots of rooms so your feel like you’re as cozy as possible in your modern cottage hotel room there’s always an extra bed just encase of emergencies we have king beds for the adults and single beds for the kids or if you would like bunkbeds they are provided as well. Hot tubs are provided in your balcony as well as verity of shampoos and conditioners are included in your bathroom here is a review from David McMillon “this was my families dream holiday I definitely recommend coming here the staff members were as kind as  anything  please keep this business running there are amazing” as hope to see you soon!

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