BANG! “Ollie, the engines have gone!” Screamed Alex as the Starblazer began to glide to the lush green grass below them as they started to lose speed. Looking down, Alex saw that a pair of Metal Dragons had stolen their engines. Metal Dragons were the most annoying dragons known to the pilots of the skies. They were known for stealing pieces of metal and in this case, it was the one thing that would keep the brothers in the air. Luckily, Alex had read the Starblazer manual from cover to cover and knew that a spare pair of engines were kept on the bottom floor of the Airship. The only problem was: how would he be able to attach them before they smacked down on the ground? It was pouring with rain out there and lightning was forking across the leaden sky. Alex knew the risks but he needed to keep on going to find the legend of the sea-fruit found in the only mermaids cove in the world, which, luckily, was near to where they lived.

Struggling to put on his raincoat, Alex went down to where the engines were kept. With all his might, he managed to pick one up. The next step was more of a challenge: attaching the engines to the ship. To Alex’s amazement, the ferocious storm had passed which made it alot easier but he still knew the stakes were high. As they were losing even more speed, the ship began to fall quicker.

“Turn on the height controls!’ Boomed Alex loud enough so that he could be heard from space. “OK, got it!” Replied Ollie. The height controls helped the pair to land. It would automatically slow the ship down so there is the least amount of damage done. Alex’s plan was to land and then attach the engines. Now, all they had to fret about was landing.

Heading to the gloomy swamp below them, Ollie and Alex braced for landing. SMASH! The Starblazer had found the ground. Alex looked into the window at his reflection, bewildered as to why he was still in one piece. He also noticed the eerie bog staring back at him.

Alex aborted the Starblazer, the ground squelching beneath his grimy shoes. He could hear insects scuttling up an down the fallen trees behind him. Birds were squawking in the canopies of he trees. Fungi coated the ground like umbrellas for the sticks below.

A rustling noise captured his attention below the ground.

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